Privacy Policy

Hellllooooo viewers!!!! As we all know that the privacy is always preferred on any stage of the web. Therefore, we are here to mention the privacy policy of our website which is a primary basis of conducting any kind of business.

Our policy will target the visitors who are interacting with our website Wptechnews directly or indirectly. We mean to say that the users which are using are content by registering their selves or for whose temporary visitors who come here ad hoc. First, there comes the personally identifiable information which concludes any kind of information about someone which can be anything such as contact, address or something else must not be located somewhere else. This information does not include the data or info which is gathered secretly for the identification of the individual.

What type of information is collected?

We tend to acquire the information of our authorized users such as their names, address, contact numbers and email address for the authorization. This is done for the sanctioned customers who tend to perform the business of this advertising nature which includes buying and selling.

Other organizations collecting information

The other vendors such as the credit card companies which may collect several information about individuals, we mention here that we do not have any kind of control on them for the usage of such info. But we may ask them about the personal info they gather about our authorized users. There are other organizations as well, may be the distribution companies which may use that info as well but they don’t use that info for long.

Supplementary vendors with whom information can be shared

Personally, identifiable information of official users can be shared with other users who are authorized to show them the potential transactions with other customers.

How is it stored?

The information collected by Wptechnews is only accessible to officials and are not accessible to third parties or employees of our website.


Cookies are often used on our website to get the information about our visitors to provide them the requested services. These are also used for security purposes to provide security to our authorized users. Just giving an example that if the user is logged in the site and website is unused for more than a specific time then our officials will automatically log their account off.

How do we keep this information secure?

All of our employees know very well about our privacy policy. Such information about our visitors is only accessible to limited employees who are authorized. Our security systems are checked at regular intervals. The credit card details are highly secured by encryption protocols. We have highly secured and protected protocols for the storage of this information but it is regular that sites are attacked by spam and errors, so we don’t guarantee that this kind of actions will not happen ever.

Customer’s hold on their information

The database of is structured in such a way that we give our authorized customers a platform to delete or deactivate their account as they are connected to the database. Moreover, they can also have their data updated by emailing us at the given email address. And we will do the requested job.

What if the policy is changed?

No matter what kind of change in the privacy policy will occur but we will first notify our authorized customers first about any kind of change. If any change regarding the personally identifiable information is going to happen, then the corresponding official customer will first be notified of the release.