20+ Best Free WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

There are a number of things which are integrated into website to make it look pleasant and attractive. Just for that Wptechnews provides you the WordPress Email Subscription Plugins absolutely free. We used to look at various sites where different kinds of subscription widgets are placed on the sidebar or at the top of the page or at the bottom. Wptechnews provides you the latest and Best WordPress email subscription plugin for your web pages which are eye catchy and obviously they speed up your subscription rates as well.

The creation of a proper newsletter which has some serious and potential customers as well should be attractive and informative and it should contain some elegant and pleasing plugins to impress the user. WordPress newsletter plugin enables you to implement successful newsletter having some great newsletter subscription plugins which save the time of customer and allows a speedy process as well. The pop-up display of the options offered by various websites is an old technique now. Nowadays this may be a guarantee to lose the visitors permanently as people want to see the new things which are innovating and impressive.

There should be enough things on your website that impress people on their first visit. Many of the people don’t subscribe to a page on their first visit as they are looking for some elegant features and some informative news. If one’s website is informative, stylish and attracting then the user will surely subscribe your website for latest news and updates. It’s a human nature that people go after the items which are available for free. That’s the thing which one can use to grab the subscribers on a blog by offering some great deals for free. That’s why email subscription plugins are used to provide people to subscribe the page instead of downloading the item directly from the website. We try our best to keep you up to date about the plugins of every kind and we will keep this track up to date when we will find new plugins as well. Here are some great and best email subscription plugins for you which are completely free for our kind users.

Free Newsletter Plugin

newsletter WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

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WordPress newsletter plugins are offered by the Wptechnews absolutely free which have various interesting features which are only available in the premium versions but we are offering you here the plugins which are totally free enabling the premium features without compromising the quality and reliability. This newsletter plugin is perfect for building a list and one can easily track emails by using such plugin. It is great and work perfectly.

Feedburner Email Subscription

Feedburner Email Subscription

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Wptechnews provides you the Simple WordPress email subscription plugin for your websites which enables you to place a feedback email subscription form on your website for your users. This plugin is very easy to deploy as one just has to put his/her Feedburner site name and this plugin is ready to launch. The Feedburner automatically sends the email content. It has various features like bootstrap 3 compatibility, shortcode support, plugin translation and custom feed links etc.

Easy Email Subscription

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This is a secured email subscription plugin which allows you to install a drag and drop form with the integration of a captcha which is displayed in the sidebars. One can shortcodes as well to display them anywhere in the template, posts or pages.

Free MailPoet Newsletters

 Free Mailpoet Newsletters

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Wptechnews is providing people Email subscribers WordPress plugin shortcode for their sites which enable them to grab some traffic of serious users for their sites. The mail post newsletter plugin is a simple and customizable plugin for you. This plugin allows you to generate automated emails, post notifications and to customize the font colors as well.

BuddyPress group Email Subscription

WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

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This is a group Email subscription plugin which allows you to get notified through emails about the group activity. It is totally user-friendly and allows one to set it up according to their need such as there are five levels of subscriptions which are as follow…
• Reading about group on The Web (No Email)
• Email of New topics Summary Every week (Weekly Email)
• Daily Email Package
• Email of every new topic arrived
• All group activity as it happens

 OSD Subscribe – WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

OSD Subscribe WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

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WordPress email subscription plugins are offered by Wptechnews to provide your pages or blogs an interesting feature. The OSD subscribe is a customizable email plugin which allows you to set email notification as per your need and is highly flexible. It enables the email subscription widget and shortcode for posts.

Email Subscription Popup

 Email Subscription Popup WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

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It is a beautiful and attractive email subscription model popup plugin for WordPress. This plugin enables that when each time the new user will visit your site, they will see a modal popup for email subscript. It is very user-friendly and easy to use. It also allows admin to create or set up a signup newssheet link.

Email Download Link

 Email Download Link WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

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Such email subscription plugin will send a download link to the user after they have submitted a form. That means it will send an email with download link to users after signing up the process. There are many reasons you want to send to a download link to your user after they have submitted a form. It enables you to track your download history as well.

 Email Manager –  WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

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This is the best Free WordPress email subscription plugin which allows you to set up a schedule for sending the professional email and notifications regarding the WordPress user groups. It has the compatibility to support reusable HTML Email templates, customizable WordPress notifications and many other features are on the way.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

Subscribe to comments reloaded

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Subscribe to Comments Reloaded is a strong plugin that allows commenters to sign up for an e-mail notification of succeeding entries. This plugin contains a full-featured subscription manager that your commenters can use to unsubscribe to certain posts or suspend all notifications.

Simple Email Subscriber

WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

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The simple email subscriber plugin lets the user register their email to the WordPress subscription list. This plugin is very much flexible that user can always UN-subscribe through click the unsubscribe email link.

DirectIQ Email Marketing

 DirectIQ Email Marketing WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

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WordPress subscribe plugin is provided by Wptechnews for your blogs, pages and websites for the subscription of users. DirectIQ is a plugin which allows you to add the subscribers to your list known as DirectIQ using the simple subscription methods. It has a simple procedure to connect your account to DirectIQ in just one click.

N-Media MailChimp Subscription

N-media Mailchimp Subscription

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Mailchimp Subscription is a simple plugin to render Subscription Forms on your WordPress Blog/Site. It pulls all Mailchimp Lists from your account and allow admin the creation of forms using Vars and Interest Group with Awesome AngularJS based Admin panel. This plugin allows you to create variable lists, visual form designer and enables widget support as well.

MailMunch-Grow your Email Subscribers

MailMunch WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

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MailMunch provides the outfits one need to grow email subscribers and alter them into customers. Now, people will find your blog, read your item, and subscribe using email to your newsletter.

 DYS Emailing Subscription

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Wptechnews is providing you all the latest Newsletter WordPress plugins for your blogs and pages to make the user subscription easier. This is a latest email subscription plugin which allows you to add a subscriber to email newsletter form by using a widget. It allows the easy process of subscribing and unsubscribing from the widget. It is multisite compatible as well.

 WP Email Capture

WP email Capture WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

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A plugin for email subscription full of latest features with the readymade widgets compatibility, dashboard, can export data into CSV files and supports major marketing programs. All this package is provided you absolutely free of cost.

Suscriptflech WordPress Email Subscription Plugin

 Suscriptflech WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

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A super class email subscription plugin which allows the speedy and easy process for the subscription and is very to deploy as well.

Mass Email to Users

Mass Email to user WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

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Mass Email To Users is a plugin for send mass email to WordPress users. Admin can send an email WordPress users together. Simple and mass mailer plugin. Admin can have option pagination in the list all users. Admin can send HTML email to selected users.

 Tribulant Newsletters

 Tribulant newsletter WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

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Newsletter subscribes plugin WordPress by Wptechnews is offered for our valuable users absolutely free including the premium quality features. It is a full featured WordPress plugin for email subscription, marketing and newsletter corresponding.

 Post Notif

Post Notif WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

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Post Notif is an email subscription plugin with a lot of features such as the configurable email settings, page settings, widget messages and widget labels or input field placeholders.

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